Super volcano Toba almost killed us all!

In the north of Sumatra lies a beautiful lake, Lake Toba. But most people don’t know that underneath there lies a sleeping giant. A monster that woke up about 75.000 years ago. The volcanic cloud was pushed to the West killing all life in South East Asia up to the Indian subcontinent due to the monsoon winds. Traces of this event were even found in the ice cores taken from Greenland

This map, based on ‘The journey of mankind’ by Stephen Oppenheimer, shows the progression of mankind already at that moment. The closest area where survivors could be found was East of Toba. Genetic research shows that the repopulation of the devastated region started in this area.

Logically we can assume that the peoples of the Indian subcontinent came from the East following the coast of the Indian Ocean and overseas. Ergo, Toba played a decisive role in the further development of civilization in the Western world.

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