history intrigues

A book that makes us think about our origins. What sheds a different light on the kind of society we establihed, telling about the age and origin of our Western civilization.

The legacy of Bharata Mata.

Are our Christian roots embedded in a mixture of myths and casts of a much older religion?

Are we all actually from Africa and our civilization from the East? How did we spread all over the world? what destroyed almost totally Homo Sapiens?

Take a look at a civilization that build sofisticated cities, thousends of years ago without feeling the urge to create megalitic constructions on behalf oft their Gods and Kings.

Were the Gods our distant cousins or did we invented them? Are man capable to understand the incomprehensible?

This book is a good start to find out. It shows events and cultures which are rather unknown by common people in the Western world.

A real invitation to explore the rich amount of ideas that can be found on the internet.

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