history intrigues

A book that makes us think about our origins. What sheds a different light on the kind of society we establihed, telling about the age and origin of our Western civilization.

The legacy of Bharata Mata.

Are our Christian roots embedded in a mixture of myths and casts of a much older religion?

Are we all actually from Africa and our civilization from the East? How did we spread all over the world? what destroyed almost totally Homo Sapiens?

Take a look at a civilization that build sofisticated cities, thousends of years ago without feeling the urge to create megalitic constructions on behalf oft their Gods and Kings.

Were the Gods our distant cousins or did we invented them? Are man capable to understand the incomprehensible?

This book is a good start to find out. It shows events and cultures which are rather unknown by common people in the Western world.

A real invitation to explore the rich amount of ideas that can be found on the internet.

Super volcano Toba almost killed us all!

In the north of Sumatra lies a beautiful lake, Lake Toba. But most people don’t know that underneath there lies a sleeping giant. A monster that woke up about 75.000 years ago. The volcanic cloud was pushed to the West killing all life in South East Asia up to the Indian subcontinent due to the monsoon winds. Traces of this event were even found in the ice cores taken from Greenland

This map, based on ‘The journey of mankind’ by Stephen Oppenheimer, shows the progression of mankind already at that moment. The closest area where survivors could be found was East of Toba. Genetic research shows that the repopulation of the devastated region started in this area.

Logically we can assume that the peoples of the Indian subcontinent came from the East following the coast of the Indian Ocean and overseas. Ergo, Toba played a decisive role in the further development of civilization in the Western world.

Read more in ‘The Bahrata Mata legacy

 ‘The bharata mata legaty’ (192 pages, The book can be purchased at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1700226347

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Barata Mata

A small summary of my book: the Bharata legacy:

The name of this book signifies Mother India. Bharat means the primordial name of this country which was the totality image of the world the way mankind imagined it in ancient times

I have chosen this name because of the deeper signification which can be given to it.

The name origins from the Sanskrit root bhr, carry/bare, in the literally signification ‘to maintain’. The name also means “someone committed to search for knowledge”.

I could say:    

The mother of man, thirsty for knowledge, our mother

We join Homo Sapiens on his journey to discover the world.
About 160.000 years ago he left Africa crossing the Red Sea, following the coasts progressed to the east.
He survived the terrible explosion of the super volcano Toba which almost wiped out our species. We look at the effects climate had on the journey.

We are questioning the tales of our history which was composed mainly out of presumptions, theories sometimes driven by dogma, arrogance and egoism. We get acquainted with the world as it looked like during about 60.000 years.

Let’s stay a little while longer in the twilight where we were told  stories about events that took place 11.500 years ago. This takes us to Egypt, Sundaland and their relation with India.

We look at an extraordinary phenomenon that occurs in S.E.Asia which gave support to the cultivation of rice, agriculture in general and the rise of the Vedic culture and had great impact on the development of our civilization.

In Sundaland, India, the Middle East, we meet the melting pot of peoples and finally end up in discovering largest and oldest literary masterpiece of human history

We chase a persistent myth that was invented by the “God-fearing” bourgeoisie from the colonial period of Europe in the nineteenth century.

Following the great minds of the 20th century who gave us relativity theory and quantum mechanics we arrive again at the Vedas and ask ourselves: where originates the great knowledge that we encounter in this monumental work

To stimulate our imagination we allow ourselves a short detour and look upon the conception of time from another point of view. We get acquainted with some discoveries which are in general strongly denied, and we are invited to reflect on the restless character of our planet.

Enjoy the huge amount of beautiful literature which is left to us by ancient India and about which we, common people of the West, know almost nothing and which is just raising more and more questions.

We put a link between Intellectual giftedness, the wisdom of the Ancients and religion.

We stay a little longer in company of the great religions and look at their relation with the Vedas.

We observe planet earth and their inhabitants and notice the warming of the climate and its consequences for life during the period 20.000 till 10.000 years ago, and we witness the birth of Bharata

We take a look at the monumental story of the Mahabarata where we can find traces of the origin of, what later, became our civilization.

We search for the lost Saraswati River and the civilization she nourished.
In the Rig Veda is told about this river, which is worshipped as the goddess Saraswati

Abandoned by the gods, the people with special talents, our ancestors started to build their own future and after the deluge they are constructing a complete new civilization.

Let us find out how humanity recovered from the great flood that occurred some 11.500 years ago.

We finally enter the period from which they presume history is known, and we visit a culture which is raising much more questions than we find answers.

Let us consider how our homo sapiens experienced the environment in which he lived and how he came to invent the god.s I wrote this book because when I look back on my life, I realised how little I know in fact about the why’s, when’s and where’s of it.
I have a lot of time and the internet. It gave me the opportunity of learning many things I did not know of

I learned a lot of things which gave me to build my own idea of truth, but ended up with even more questions.
if you have any interest, read it and join me in my quest.